May 26, 2024
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Advo. Tarun Agarwal


Tarun is a distinguished legal professional with extensive cross jurisdictional legal knowledge and experience. As a Lawyer in London and Mumbai, he has adeptly managed comprehensive legal processes, negotiating critical agreements, cross border dispute resolution, and leading significant restructuring projects, showcasing exceptional strategic leadership and problem-solving skills.

In addition to his practical legal expertise, Tarun has made notable contributions to legal scholarship. He co-authored a pivotal book on International Litigation (published by Eastern Book Company) and published insightful articles in the Young Arbitration Review, affirming his status as a thought leader in legal research. His academic credentials are further solidified by an BA. LLB. (Hons.) from Gujarat National Law University, P.G.D.L. from NALSAR University of Law and an L.L.M. from University College London (UCL), underscoring his deep-rooted knowledge and analytical prowess in law.

Tarun's professional standing is augmented by his memberships and licenses, including his status as a Registered Foreign Lawyer in England and Wales, and affiliations with the Law Society of England and Wales, Bar Council of India, and the Chartered Governance Institute, UK and Ireland. His recognition as the Lex Falcon Global Awards 2024 – Rising Independent Lawyer of the Year attests to his professional excellence and leadership in the legal field. Tarun has also been elected as a Fellowship by the Royal Society of Arts – England and Wales with other renown luminaires like Benjamin Franklin, Karl Marx, Nelson Mandela, Adam Smith, Stephen Hawking, Charles Dicken, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Theodore Roosevelt.

Tarun is a distinguished figure in the legal domain, celebrated for his leadership and scholarly contributions. With a wealth of experience and a solid academic foundation, he is well-equipped to offer valuable perspectives and insights. His professional licensure and academic accolades underscore his expertise and authority in the field. As a member of Legalonus editorial board and our Chief Editor, Tarun's profound knowledge and analytical prowess would greatly benefit and influence the shaping of legal discourse, reinforcing his role as a pivotal influencer in the legal community.